Online Recruitment – The Preferred Employment Route of Professionals

Surveys conducted by independent agencies show that a whopping 80 {16b9a5ac788756a792acab6370d2a74ec0f609c7f0f3dea22fdcdaa9b5e4cf4d} of the graduates rely solely on online resources to search for jobs. This clearly shows the amazing popularity that online recruitment enjoys among potential employees. It is clear from the above figure that businesses who are investing in newspaper advertising to recruit graduate talent for their organizations are clearly wasting their time and money.

In another study recently conducted by an employment agency a whopping 89{16b9a5ac788756a792acab6370d2a74ec0f609c7f0f3dea22fdcdaa9b5e4cf4d} of the surveyed candidates stated that they only search for jobs online and nowhere else. They have gained a clear impression that major companies use online resources exclusively for all their recruitment needs. Newspaper advertisements for jobs, they feel, do not reflect the best jobs available in the recruitment sector.

Specialist recruitment agencies claim that the number of hits they get on their online recruitment sites have increased tremendously over the last three to four years. Respondents also claim to use social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to look up corporate website updates. Fresh vacancies are usually put up by corporate on their Facebook account site through their status updates before they are made public through other sources.

Even professionals prefer searching online recruitment sites for better openings. Sectors such as Retail, Finance and Costumer Service professionals depend on online resources to search for better job prospects rather than look up vacancy sections in newspapers. In fact the tremendous response to online recruitment sites from professionals has forces some portals to launch specialized boards that list vacancies exclusively of jobs pertaining to a particular sector or category. The EngineerBoard launched by Jobsite in 2006, is one such classic example.

There are many benefits of advertising online, especially for professional job openings. Reduced costs of recruitment and less time taken to complete the hiring process are two of the major advantages. Apart from these, the application and selection process is extremely streamlined and consistent. These factors contribute highly to the success of online recruitment campaigns. Companies are also eager to communicate their organizational culture and benefits to potential employers through their online recruitment advertisements so that they are able to attract the best talent available.

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